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Local talent with a global influence

Our name has evolved over the years, but the vision has remained the same: To produce animated content that stays true to our Caribbean roots and resonates with audiences across the world.


This vision propelled our studio to a level of success that surprised even us. We are proud and humbled to have served hundreds of clients over the years, including musicians, artists, NGOs, and businesses both small and large.


We’ve also expanded from our base in the Caribbean to other parts of the world. As of 2019, we've grown to have bases in Trinidad and Tobago and Europe

Picture of the Co-Founders of Farr Creative, Rene Holder and Lyndon Joseph

Versatile animations for every kind of commercial project

Along with global appeal, Farr Creative is founded on a mission of versatility, since animation is a medium with limitless applications. We offer end-to-end creative services, from scripting to post-production, for a variety of projects, including:


  • Explainer videos

  • Music videos

  • Commercials


Whatever your business goals — whether it’s launching a new product, boosting brand awareness, producing an in-house training video, or something else — we offer commercial animation services that can take your project over the top.

Engaging storytelling that educates and entertains

Another major aspect of Farr Creative is original animated content that puts compelling storytelling, dynamic characters, and creative world-building front and centre.  We bring a particular focus to children of the Caribbean Diaspora and other diverse youngsters who may not typically see themselves represented on the screen.


Creating content that reflects the real diversity of the world is a natural fit with our mission as a locally-grown, globally-focused creative studio. We believe that multicultural representation is an essential element of reaching a global audience and creating a more inclusive world.

Work with us

Explore the possibilities animation can unlock for your project.


Reach out to us to get started.


A picture of Rene Holder

Rene´ Holder

Animation Producer + Founder

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A picture of Lyndon Joseph

Lyndon Joseph

Creative Director + Co-Founder

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Illustration and Character Designs for Mascots, Children’s Books, Colouring Books, Editorials and more.


Our Animation team can handle all your script to post-production needs.


We create original animation content for pitching and early-stage development

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